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Course testimonials

Create Healing Jewelry:

“Thank you Margherita. You were sent in my life at the right time. Since that, every day I thank God for a chance given to me to learn from you. God bless you,” 

Anna Savic, jewellery artist, Toronto, Ontario

Advanced Talisman Course:

“Namaste Margherita: I just want to thank you for being you; and putting on an amazing course this past weekend.  You really inspire me and I can only hope that when it is my turn to teach that I can be as amazing as you!  I always look forward to learning new things from you because you are an AMAZING teacher!  I hope to spend more time with you this year learning new things and just spending time together.”

Wishing you many blessings,  Louise Gallotta, Brampton

“Thank you for the amazing weekend. Lots to process…
I can not stop making my mandala after you left
Hope you had a pleasant journey home. Please keep my place in mind for the future seminars, I am always happy to have bunch of amazing people over.”    

Tanya Murray, Toronto

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