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Book Testimonials

Testimonials refer to The Crystal Lotus Handbook both softcover and hard cover versions:

“I have been reading your beautiful book! Thank you so much for sending it! It has really inspired me” 🙂  Enjoy your day,

“I just simply LOVE your book.   When I received it and started opening the package it felt like a sacred gift that was so well protected.  As I continued the unwrapping I could feel the wonderful heightened energy coming from the inner package and as the unveiling continued I knew I was indeed holding a sacred gift.  What an awesome job …. I love the colour of the book (same as the wrapping! ) … I am so happy I chose to be part of this.  I still have the other book in its wrapping to gift to my daughter.   As I was flipping through I was amazed at the magnitude of information … all that I have been wanting to know about.   Thank you for following your guidance and sharing this gift with us all.  This is my new Crystal Bible.  My crystals are all still very precious to me.” Angela Thorne

“It is a beautiful book Margherita, and I thank you for your kind words – my first “signed” author’s book – I will treasure it. There is a lot of material to review – lot of hard work and effort.  I particularly love your drawings, and the pictures – gorgeous!” Linda Bingley, crystal healer and accountant, Toronto, Canada

“What an extensive job you have done with your book, Margherita. Your love and knowledge of stones, crystals, healing and friends is obvious. I have known Margherita for many years and have helped her at the Health and Gem Shows for quite some time. I greatly admire her talent, love, appreciation, and knowledge of the work she does. She gives her all to her clients and her many talents to the beautiful, individualized healing jewellery she creates. It is all revealed in “The Crystal Lotus Handbook”.

“Congratulations for a beautiful book and all your work!!!! With love,” Susan Leeder.

“I love this book; it has so many really practical practices for spiritual growth using the crystals as tools and teachers.”Vera Ketter, Swayambu Healing, Enterprise, Ontario

“Margherita, your book and what I consider to be the leading authoritative manual of crystals and crystal healing and self-healing is a true Masterpiece. As I read it, I feel such a strong resonance with the words that you have chosen so carefully. It’s as if you were present, speaking to me…, probing, encouraging and promoting my own self-healing. This couldn’t have come at a better time. I shall cherish and be enriched by it always.” Paula McClintock, Acupuncture Practitioner, Shelburne, Ontario.

“I have greatly enjoyed Margherita’s heart in her wisdom + application of the Crystalline World. It is very enlivening + uplifting to be spiritually grounded through the various methods of working with crystals to create balanced clarity + purpose.” Tawlia Chickalo, vice president, Pheylonian Beeswax Candles, Canada.

“Hi Margherita, I wanted you to know I received The Crystal Lotus Handbook, I was so happy as I can’t wait to read all of it. Thank you so much , I really love crystals and I want to know all about them. Wishing you Health, Love, Peace and Prosperity.”  Albina, Angel Blessings.xx.

“Hello, Margherita ~Today I received your book.  What can I say – the moment I opened the  package and saw the cover, there was such an exquisite radiance  emanating from it.  I had to stare at it for awhile to comprehend the  beauty and the high vibration of that colour and to have chosen it,  places it in a category beyond the norm.  Just looking at is a  journey. 

It will fit in right along with the books that have lasted  lifetimes – it is a book to be passed down to each generation.  And  that just from the cover. Then I opened it and saw your beautiful, personal writing to me,  which I do so appreciate and then I see that incredible photo of you  and Katrina and to my surprise, there was my poem right there.  And  then I saw that you included my name with some quite wonderful  people, and I am grateful to have been part of that. 

Thank you very  much for your thoughtfulness for all of that and so much more. And now I will want to start reading which is very exciting  considering how quietly powerful the book is just by looking at the  cover. I do love the quality – it is magnificent and I am sure the  writings will equal that.  Even though I have a familiarity with it from  what you had sent, I look forward to it with enthusiasm since new  material, etc. and elaborations, will have brought it to what it is –  a wonderful work of healing and art.  Congratulations.

It is such a remarkable accomplishment and I feel so happy for you –  well done.  I cannot possibly imagine how much time you have put into  this work of love and devotion.  And now here it is – come to be and  it is wonderful.  Thank you so much.You moved forward with this book with such commitment and love and I  know the words will reflect that to everyone who will be drawn to  that vibrant and subtle frequency of Purple (hardly seems to be the  correct word to describe that colour) and the sublime simplicity of  hard cover and few words.  And then the inside, when it is opened,  discoveries. Now to explore. Love from Helen xox.” Helen Murray, Multi-dimensional artist,

“Hi Margherita, I started reading your book and it is magnificent! Thanks for sharing your wisdom with others.” Maura Ryan-Smith, Oakville, Ontario

Regarding the hard cover version of the Crystal Lotus Handbook: “Wow, how lovely to get your beautiful purple book….I have dipped into it a bit and it looks just fabulous.  You worked so hard on that and we are so happy that you have succeeded without having to compromise with any publisher!  And your drawings are great too!” Nicki Sherriff, gemmologist and owner of  Nikmak, Montreal, Canada and instructor at Montreal Gem School.

“Dear Margherita, I highly recommend your book for everyone interested in exploring the healing properties of Gems, how they work, how you can use them in daily affirmations and so much more that one needs to have your practical handbook for reference knowledge. I myself am re-discovering some very useful tools to enhance my work in intuitive readings (TAROT) and incorporating my gems for energy healings as well. What a treasure of fine information!!! Thank you for your writings. Sincerely,” Linda Woznica, Holistic Practitioner and Psychic Psychologist, Director of “Taking Care Of Your Soles, Edmonton, Alberta.

“I have read the first three chapters and it has already helped me a lot!” Johanna Koeslag, master spinner and tree farmer, Marlbank, Ontario.

“Thank you so much for your book… it’s beautiful! I am very impressed with it!” Sohee Kim Shut, web designer, Ottawa, Ontario.

“I got a lovely surprise in the mail, as you well know, your book!!!  I was so tickled that you inscribed the front page … and the acknowledgment on the other page of the book … I began reading and your words hit very close to home.  Some things have been going on in my life as of late that your words were so soothing and hopeful for better times to come. Thank you and brightest blessings,” Dianne Jeffrey, Amherstview, Ontario.

“I am so happy to hear how well your book is being received.” MarliJoy, shaman and reiki teacher, Richmond Hill, Ontario.

“Best wishes for your success!” Suki Patricia Fox, life artist, Canada.

“It is a phenomenal achievement to have put it together and to guide others on their journey. Your book is beautiful and it is evident that a lot of love and spirit are captured in those pages.  It is a ‘feel good’ just to hold it. I must admit to a few tears to think of how tough it was to get you to teach in the first place and now to see where you are with so much connection to spirit and trust from source.  You have been so gifted and have answered that call. You are amazing!”  Helen Sladden, healing visionary, spiritual teacher and therapist, Mississauga, Ontario.

“Can’t wait to get my hands on the book!… I have just received my copy of this lovely book.  How beautiful it is.  I love the sketches and the photos are exquisite.  It also feels magical in my hands. Thank you for this gift.” Helen Masters, Crystal Healing Graduate, Zephyr, Ontario

“-Dear Margherita, Your beautiful book arrived last week but I cannot remember if I sent you a note to tell you what an amazing work you have produced! Your artwork is beautiful and the photos of the crystals are breath-taking. Thank you for sharing your crystal wisdom with us.” Helen Will, Midland, Ontario.

“What a wonderful surprise I had when I received your book. Thank you for sending it.  I want to tell you how wonderful it is from the amazing pictures and sketches to the detailed content.  My friend who was with me when I opened it said when she held it she felt that you put your heart into it and I looked at the time I had known you and knew this would be true. It truly is amazing.  The beautiful cover wrapped the glorious contents and reminded me of the times I learned and worked with you and how your presence wrapped all in spiritual light.”  Carol Heath, crystal healer and dowser, Brantford, Ontario.

“About the cover of The Crystal Lotus Handbook: An incredible chef d’oeuvre, the culmination of so much learning and blessed intuition. Heartfelt congratulation, Cynthia Ryan, owner, Kulu Trading, Ottawa, Ontario.

“Last year, my life had sunk into a low state – a gradual slipping into negative thinking, and I hadn’t even noticed that I had lost my positive outlook. A close friend died and I suddenly felt so low that I was envying his release from the worries of life. I had forgotten to look after myself and the old patterns of pessimism had taken hold of me. Not long after, I was reading Margherita’s book and the wisdom she shared was exactly what I needed each day as I read through it. The chapter talking about ‘manifesting positive energy towards ourselves’ triggered a sudden epiphany, which happens so seldom in life. Since that evening my world has glowed with wonderful experiences. Thank you Margherita! I feel years younger.” Hilary Slater, painter author and creative, downtown Toronto, Ontario.

“CONGRATS on getting the book this far.. it won’t be long now, and then your dream will be a reality!! I love the photos.. nice memories of our luncheon date together! 😀

Testimonial from the Book signing event at Breakthrough Centre on December 11, 2010. “It was such a pleasure to see you today at Breakthrough Centre. I feel so energized after receiving your blessing! Your meditation and protection technique is so amazing,… You are a gifted person and I am so proud to know someone like you. I look forward to reading your book and applying even more techniques. As you said today, it is all about “the power of the mind”…we all know the answers inside us.” Dorota Liszewski, Toronto, Ontario.

“I found your book this morning in the mail box – first guessing it was somebody giving me a bible – and it was almost true. I am really impressed. Looks really good, I like the whole concept of the book, even as you know subject itself is still distant to me, but I proud about you – you did what you promised and in the form much more comprehensive than I ever expected.” Jiri Vondrak, photographer, Scarborough, Ontario.

“The Crystal Lotus Handbook, that would be the most marvelous book for anyone that is interested in stones and such that they could put their hands on.” Shirley Nadeau, jewellery maker, Napanee, Ontario.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you.  🙂 I’m so excited about your new book, it is truly special.  My husband picked it up at the post office today, so I just opened it.#1 impression when I opened the box.  The book is wrapped in purple, my favourite colour.  Then when I removed the paper, I was even more excited…the book is PURPLE. perfect. I started flipping through the pages and found my picture.  I never particularly liked this picture or any picture of myself. 🙂 but I love what you did with the pictures, it’s beautiful.  I have to say it’s probably my favourite picture of myself, it’s truly magical.  To add magic to this picture, it’s found on page 44, even more excitement for me, 4 is my favourite number. This book is truly a gift for me in more ways than I realized, I can’t wait to read it.  I’m really excited about your book and wish you the success it deserves. Thank you again for including me in this special project, I feel blessed.” Love and Light…Judy, Orono, Ontario.

“The Crystal Lotus Handbook is a must – surprise yourself… get a copy and randomly pick a page… insight at a glance!”

“Love your fabulous book – everyone must have a copy.” Darinka Blagaj, artist and visionary, Toronto, Ontario

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