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Crystal Color Life Spiral Talisman

In 2004 I received the gift of guidance to apply the sacred spiral as a model for my Crystal Talismans. Since then I have assisted several hundred clients on their journey to health by applying  the technology of the “Crystal Color Life Spiral Talisman.”

These  personalized Crystal Talismans are  attuned to a clients personal

Example of a Crystal Color Life Spiral Talisman (from The Crystal Lotus Handbook)

energy field and are intended to assist him or her to overcome and deal with difficult situations or other problematic conditions going on in their life.

The basic notion for this work is to discover  the present state of imbalance in the aura and compose a complete symphony of crystal color to balance these misaligned energies causing problems in a persons life.

Crystals can be likened to tuning forks, and correctly composed a Crystal Life Spiral Talisman becomes a powerful tool for coming to balance. The sessions are focused on a 3 month perspective and my client will wear the Crystal Talisman for at least that length of time, usually longer.

If you have questions, want have your own personalized Talisman, or attend a crystal event Email Us!

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