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Crystal Attunement

“Angry men and women are hurting right now!”

DO you want to do something about that?

Learning about yourself is essential when you want to be more in control of what is happening in your life. By attuning with your inner needs you have a better chance to choose a correct direction for your business, relationship or financial reality. To explain further:

How to attune within is a profound and valuable life-long gift to give to yourself. You can use this skill in any situation especially during stressful times. Getting angry or sad does not help, it hurts. What you might do instead is to let yourself in on a couple of secrets that may not be so obvious right now.

One of those secrets is to see yourself as a successful and satisfied person, but this might be difficult to do, but there are resources you can use. One of them is called attunement were crystals are used to reveal the underlying patterns.

Crystals can be seen as small tuning forks emanating a specific vibration, this vibration help us balance our system and open up blocked areas. They will help direct any response to your personal and confidential questions.

Crystal Attunement Stones

By selecting certain stones you are letting your intuitive self reveal to you how to proceed in your life. Gain insight about your life and learn how to be more successful or solve a personal dilemma by receiving a “Personal Crystal Attunement Reading.” What is involved?

Your personal Crystal Wisdom Resonance (see below) is read by Margherita, who is an experienced crystal coach, intuitive healer and also author of The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to Crystals. Others who experienced working with Margherita say:

“I feel so energized after receiving your blessing! Your meditation and protection techniques are so amazing,… You are a gifted person and I am so proud to know someone like you.”

Dorota Liszewski, Toronto, Ontario


Next available opportunities to experience Crystal Attunement is:  Saturday April 16 , 2011 starting at 4.30 pm (only a limited number of sessions are still available).  Call or visit Origo Books, 416-703-3535 at 49 Lower Jarvis St. Toronto, Ont., M5E 1R8. Give yourself or someone you love a Crystal Attunement – Your loved ones will appreciate it!

Fee: $25 per quarter hour session, (pre-bookings only).  Your session includes your personal “Crystal Attunement Stones” of three  stones, which are also available separately.

Definition: Crystal Wisdom Resonance is your inner response to the stones you select which reveal what patterns are in effect. By discovering your patterns, or inner programs, you may discover which ones to keep and which to discard. Then you become the pilot of your own ship, and can take it where you want to go.

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