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Personal Sessions

I offer several kinds of personal sessions either in private setting or at a public location such as a book store, gem show or health show. List of sessions offered:

Crystal Talisman Sessions include:

1) Simple Talisman with a single focus or shorter time frames

Crystal Talismans and Crystal Mandala Talisman by Margherita

2) Crystal Color Life Spiral Talisman used for a 3 months perspective of a persons situation with the intention to balance all levels in a gentle way. This is what most client choose to do.

3) Crystal Mandala Talisman, which embrace a wider scope of a persons life situation with the intent of alignment with life mission or purpose

Crystal Healing Sessions include:

1) Personal Crystal Atunement Session with selected stones and accompanying Reading

2) Crystal Healing Session with ‘Laying on of Stones’ and working with  crystal energy.

All sessions can be done as a Distance Session with contact over the phone, email or regular mail.

If you are interested to receive a personal session with Margherita or one of her graduate practitioners . Please contact Margherita at

2 Responses to "Personal Sessions"

Hi, How much does a Crystal Mandala Talisman session cost? And could it be done by email?

I sent you a separate message. Yes it can be done via email or Skype. Love to hear form you!/ Margherita

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