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About my Mission

The Crystal Dakini’s blog  is a forum for personal stories and experiences as a result of healing with crystals. Its purpose is to help and to inspire anyone who visit us. It is also intended to give a platform for crystal healing students to share their stories as well.

Margherita standing in a gigantic Calcite Geode, on site in the Western Desert, Egypt.

Ultimately the crystal modalities are here to stay and give humanity new ways to join nature and co-create our future on our planet.  Crystals reach out to us and touch our hearts, so we can study them and learn about ourselves. That is the point, to learn to wake up fully. Much joy is given in this awakening. It is up to you how much you would like to receive.  My wish is to give you a place to create a connective network between us. Come and join us here.

Many Blessings,

Margherita, writer of the Crystal Dakini’s Blog

PS. Calcite is a glorious gift to us, it is a wondrous stone to guide us to stay present to what is happening around us. Standing in this archway was an experience I wont ever forget.

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