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On the Path of Ascension

Learn the 7 secrets to find your True Self

Do you know who is running your life? You may be on a spiritual path, but have you found out who makes the decisions that create your life? Ascension is more than an idea, it is something real. To explain further – ascension is the process to find your own center and your true self. Here is an example:

If you drive a car, normally you must know where you are going to get to your destination; otherwise you would aimlessly drive around until the gas ran out. Believe it or not, most of our time is spent running around propelled by various distractions until we run out of joy, energy or money. Do you know where you are going?

Serious challenges usually catapults us to face our fears, and we learn to deal with them, but what is the real driving force within us? By using crystals and other tools, we can discover this and shine a light onto another layer of ourselves. The path to ascension is the road to know our center and our true self.  You are invited to take charge of your own vehicle, instead of driving around endlessly and exposed to other people’s whims, things or emotional responses to chose for you.

To reach a destination you must first know where you want to go. A map is then the perfect tool to guide you. To ascend you must truly know who you are and put that intention as your primary goal, and then the road there is staked out, even if we do not know the specific  details yet.  Margherita has developed a “map” containing the 7 secrets or clues to find your true self, your mission and true destination of happiness.

Reasons why we do not know who is in charge, is that this is the very reason why we are here on the earth! As we learn we evolve you can speed up the process by knowing the 7 benefits of knowing yourself:

1)      Ability to effectively solve problem and deal with challenges

2)      Understand what opens or close you to the world

3)      Dispose negative self-talk

4)      Be successful with your intention

5)      Match your outside with what is going on inside

6)      Doing what you came here to do

7)      Experience genuine Happiness

Crystal author and intuitive healer Margherita will explore the details of the 7 secrets to find your True Self,  that may be helpful on your personal journey.

Complimentary Crystal Seminar

Join us on the 15th of January 2011, at the Rising Sun at 1pm (this free one hour seminar starts promptly at 1 pm). Reserve your seat in advance by contacting:

The Rising Sun, Richmond Hill, ON, L4C 5N1, 905-884-3362

1 Response to "On the Path of Ascension"

Hi! I have just come across your site, and am interested in learning more about working with crystals please.
I live in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Do you perhaps ever plan to travel this way?

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