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Practitioner Certificates

The Crystal Lotus Program for Crystal Healing Modalities

There are  several ways of receiving a Crystal Healing Practitioner Certificate. The basis for all crystal therapies are the courses in Crystal Healing, which includes three levels: Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Course. You can receive a certificate from all three levels.

Beginning Crystal Healing Certificate Level 1-5

Intermediate Crystal Healing Certificate

Advanced Crystal Healing Certificate

Other Crystal modalities that we currently offer a certificate course in are:

Crystal Talisman Practitioner Certificate

Gem Elixirs – Gem Alchemist Certificate

Crystal Sphere Massage, Level 1 – Crystal Sphere Massage Practitioner

 We are working towards offering our students an opportunity for extended study in the field of crystal healing by working towards a:

Crystal Healing  Arts – Practitioner Diploma

The Crystal Healing Arts – Practitioner Diploma builds on the Crystal Healing courses and a selection of electives such as crystal courses you see within our course curriculum.

To form a solid foundation in the Crystal Healing Arts you might decide to focus a particular area of your interest within the crystal healing arts. For example:

  • Crystal Healing Diploma
  • Crystal Sphere Massage Diploma
  • Crystal Talisman Diploma
  • Crystal Modalities for Animals Diploma
  • Gem Alchemist diploma
  • and other select areas

Your particular field of interest and expertise is focused on. And your studies within that field will be  supported. In general we expect you to invest at least 3 years of study within your chosen field. This can be on a part time basis as well.

To apply for a Crystal Healing Art Practitioners Diploma or become a teacher for courses developed by The Crystal Lotus you can get further details by email.

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