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Crystal Sphere Massage – NEW!

A new way of experience your peaceful self – introducing crystal spheres massage!

Crystal Sphere Massage is a new modality using very light touch of a crystal sphere on the body. The effects are both physical and discernible on the subtle levels depending on the particular mineral you are using.

Course in Crystal Sphere Massage includes: selecting crystal sphere massage tools, healing potential of the various minerals used, sphere size, application routines, sequence, areas to treat and client interaction. In addition we discuss the subject of combining crystal sphere massage with other modalities.

Who benefit from attending the Crystal Sphere Massage course?

  • persons who want to learn more about themselves and their own healing journey to heal an illness or condition
  • healers who want to start providing easily applied healing modalities to others
  • holistic therapists who want to widen their knowledge base and skill

No previous experience required.

What will I learn at the Crystal Sphere Massage course?

The Course in Crystal Sphere Massage teach you:

  • how to use crystal spheres to affect your subtle body for emotional health
  • learn Crystal Sphere Massage as a  self-treatment method for a peaceful mind
  • using Crystal Sphere Massage with other modalities you may offer as a health care practitioner
  • about how authentic Canadian Healing Stones and other healing crystals help us discover added potentials for healing
  • about what makes an effective tool for your  crystal sphere massage tool box

Introducing Self-Healing Flows within personal healing

This course offered as two full days or four evenings, includes self-healing flows for 11 body areas:

    1. Hands – front and the back of your hands
    2. Head – for release of headaches and racing thoughts
    3. Neck – stress buster treatment to release tensions
    4. Shoulders – to remove and address painful conditions
    5. Face – a new non invasive face lift for immaculate beauty
    6. Chest – to access our love force and well being, and to reduce effects of panic and other nervous problems
    7. Belly – as an aid to digestion and release of anxiety or pain
    8. Legs – to improve circulation and stamina
    9. Feet – to improve healthy grounding and joy of life
    10. Arms  – for relaxation and reduction of stress tension
    11. Back – to get a full body experience of your natural peaceful state

Using one or more of these flows are helpful as a start to addressing almost any condition or problem you may have.

How is Crystal Sphere Massage done?

Crystal Sphere Massage is a gentle modality and we apply the crystal sphere on top of light clothing. It is very easy to  do, and you may feel immediate effects as your channels open.

Crystal Sphere Massage is a crystal healing modality using gentle movement applied through a spherical healing mineral. Both the crystal touch and energetic vibration of the mineral coupled with your intent contribute to healing effect.

Current Course fee: $225 which includes tuition, treatment sessions and personal instructions and as well a detailed manual and helpful case study assignments. Estimated at-the-course hours: 14 hours, plus 20 hours of case study time if you wish to receive the Practitioner Certificate.

You will then receive a Certificate: Level 1 – Crystal Sphere Massage Practitioner upon completion of the course and case study assignments.

Host a course at your Location!

Do you want to host a Crystal Sphere Massage Course at your location or purchase crystal healing spheres contact us.

Read More about Crystal Sphere Massage and the Canadian Minerals in:

  • The Crystal Lotus Handbook 
  • Canadian Healing Stones & the Art of Crystal Sphere Massage

both written by Margherita

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