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Private Crystal Healing Intro explained

Essential Healing Stones, 2012 ©

Healing Stones we explore in a Private Crystal Healing Intro Course.

Did you ever wonder about learning more about crystals and stones but didn’t want to jump in on a week-long course right away? Now we have the answer for you. Invite a teacher to you! Either free or in some cases for a small fee depending on who and where it is, you can host a private course at your place.

Topics for the Intro Courses are:

  • Crystal Healing
  • Healing Jewelry
  • Crystal Oracle & Divination
  • Crystal Sphere Massage
  • Customized topic

Length of an Intro Course: 2-4 hours (half day) up to 10 hours (easy flow 2 days).

To find out more details you can email us on this link: Private Crystal Healing Intro Courses!

You may also ask about Free Crystal Talks to your group or association.

Notes: After this was published, I got a host of question about the ‘free’ part of the Intro Courses, so let me clarify what that means:

My aim for the private courses are: to reach a wider audience who would not otherwise be interested because of lack of awareness of the topic areas, or financial difficulties etc. So a person can take advantage of having access to further knowledge by becoming a host and invite his or her friends to learn more.  The fee is free depending on who it is, and what group contacts us. My host would however have to pay for my transportation (gas cost) to the course location if it is outside of Kingston, Ontario. I have done ‘free’ talks/clinics/workshops at several locations, however some donated money to me for it. The host can decide to charge the group participating, to cover any incurred cost. I have also offered a minimum flat fee , that depending on what the people can afford. What I am saying here is that a cost for something should not deter someone who want to come from coming.

Blessings, Margherita

PS. Intro courses are not certificate courses.

To view the regular course curriculum click here:
The Crystal Lotus Course Curriculum

I hope this clarifies most questions, if not email me please:
I have a question about Crystal Healing Intro Courses!

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