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Crystal Healing – Beginning Course

-master yourself and how you use your subtle energy body

Many including yourself may have difficult relations, emotional and physical ailments or obstacles to receiving the abundance you deserve.

In this course you will learn the basic tools for identifying what is not working in your life, and then begin healing that aspect of yourself. You will also learn to facilitate healing sessions for others. The main point is to find out how you in fact can heal yourself with simple tools, such as crystals and your own skills.

3 Key Areas:

Before you decide to come to any of our crystal healing courses, you should evaluate why you want to learn about crystals and crystal healing. That will guide you to your own healing faster. Our tenet is that you are your own best healer. We help you discover that part of you. All our crystal healing courses include the following 3 key areas to help you in this regard:

  1. Crystals and their healing properties as healing tools
  2. Your own healing skills and energy awareness
  3. How to create an appropriate healing intent

If you experience problems such as illnesses or injuries, you naturally want to heal them. However difficult your life is for you now, you can make a change by understanding the causes and conditions that created your situation. And you would benefit by informing yourself about any healing methods or alternative therapy that is available for you.

Crystal Healing Techniques You Learn

We work with you so that you can discover what you need to address to develop yourself to become whole. It is a process. In the Beginning Crystal Healing Course you will learn crystal healing techniques and self healing skills  including:

  • how to ground yourself
  • how to set boundaries
  • how to center and clear yourself
  • chakra exercises to improve awareness of your energy body
  • detecting and balancing your energy field
  • how to use dowsing tools such as a pendulum
  • using your hands as conductor of healing energy
  • working with a partner to train your capacity of discerning energy imbalance

How to find out what you want and Learn to Create Healing Intent

In this section you learn how to verbally discuss what you want. Creating a healing intent will guide you towards your healing faster. It is a way to quickly find out what is going on, without getting sidetracked. The specifics are:

  • how to find out what my problem is
  • how you ask questions to reveal what is going on
  • relating a problem to an energy imbalance
  • discover the patterns causing the problems we experience
  • learning how your mind operates and what causes healing
  • how to work with after-session maintenance

Understanding and Moving Energy: Chakras and Chakra Healing

Energy awareness is critical in all forms of healing. If we are energy blind, we simply do not see what is coming. In the Beginning Crystal Healing Course we:

  • learn about the mental and emotional bodies
  • how to affect healing in the subtle bodies
  • learn about what chakras are
  • how to do chakra balancing
  • learn the three ways that energy can be managed
  • learn about spiritual body healing
  • how to access our subtle body with meditation techniques
  • understanding the difference between healing and meditation
  • explore what purification is and how it is necessary for healing

Using Crystals as Crystal Healing Tools

In the beginning crystal healing course you will learn and experience what crystals can help with, and how they are used. Here are some of the topics covered:

Crystal Properties:

  • what is crystal vibration
  • how to utilize crystal vibration in a healing
  • learn in detail about the 33 crystals used for basic crystal healing

Crystal Applications:

  • how to clear and charge crystals
  • about crystal programming
  • about care of healing crystals
  • what are crystal layouts and how to use them
  • how to energetically comb the aura (Auric Sweep)
  • how to seal and repair your aura with crystals

About Crystal Healing Sessions:

  • experience 5 crystal healing sessions
  • how do a crystal healing for yourself
  • how to do chakra cleaning layout
  • how to do a chakra balancing layout
  • composing your own crystal layout
  • working with clearing and release
  • what to do after a crystal healing session

Crystal Healing Practitioner

You will learn step by step all aspects of what a crystal healing session might entail and be confident to work with your own clients if you choose that. You will also have experienced what it is like to receive crystal healing sessions. It is up to you how you are going to use what you learn to help others.  Healing topics covered:

  • how to perform a crystal healing for another person
  • what ethical concerns do I need to address before I accept a client
  • how to evaluate what crystals to use in a crystal healing session
  • how to facilitate inter-dimensional travel
  • how to facilitate a release in session
  • case studies and practical experience
  • what is involved to get my Crystal Healing Certificate

The Crystal Healing Courses are taught by Margherita, The Crystal Lotus

Frequently asked Questions about our Crystal Healing Courses:

Q: How are the Crystal Healing Sessions done?

A: You will be in a private space conducive of healing. To begin you first participate in a short discussion about what you want to accomplish in your healing session. Then you are asked to place yourself on treatment table or an area comfortable for the healing sessions. You are fully dressed, and will be covered respectfully by a cloth. As the treatment progress, healing crystals will be placed on your chakra points to facilitate the energetic shifts that you have asked for. Physical touch is not necessary.

Q: How long are the Crystal Healing Sessions?

A: Crystal Healing Sessions are usually about 1 to1 ½ hours long.

Q: What can Crystal Healing Sessions help with?

A: Basically any problem you perceive you have that you want help with, may be addressed in a Crystal Healing Session. See also The Crystal Lotus Handbook

Q: How is crystal healing different than other healing modalities?

A: All energy problems basically stem from imbalance, so any other verified energy healing method can be applied to correct that imbalance, crystal healing modalities have the added benefit as specific crystal tools further assist the crystal healing arts facilitator to help you. It is like having several set of hands at your service.

Q: How long time is the crystal healing course training?

A: The crystal healing courses, takes in total about 2 to 3 years to complete. That includes all three levels of Crystal Healing Courses offered by The Crystal Lotus. See course curriculum for more details.

Q: What are the costs for the crystal healing courses?

A: You can check all details in the current events list for crystal healing courses offered. (See below)

Q: What does my Crystal Healing Certificate entitle me to do?

A: The Crystal Lotus certifies that you have accurately shown your skill and abilities with in the Crystal Healing modality and adequately able to perform a crystal healing session.

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