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Crystal Healing Courses

Crystal Healing is a healing method that uses the subtle vibrations of gemstones and crystals to affect the subtle energetic misalignment and blocks causing illness, conditions and other problem a person may have.

Performing a Crystal Healing Layout during a crystal healing session. Drawing from "The Crystal Lotus Handbook."

Topics include: the art of laying-on-of-stones, assessment of client’s situation, healing sequence, intent for healing, how to be a healing facilitator, using and assembling a crystal healing tool kit, learning about the stones and their effect for healing, client facilitator interaction, ethics of healing, self-preparatory practices, what not to do in a healing situation, working with releases in session, supervised sessions, case studies and meditations. The three courses build on each other and increase the level of attunement and efficiency of healing facilitation.

The Beginning Crystal Healing Course focuses on the five crystal healing layouts and how to perform a healing session safely and ethically. The Intermediate Crystal Healing Course is expanding the crystal knowledge base with extended layouts and crystal attunements in addition to building a healing practice. The Advanced Crystal Healing Course adds to this and teaches crystal land girds, building a medicine wheel or labyrinth, and how to use them as a greater tool for healing.

These courses build a foundation for any healing practice, and have been taught by Margherita since 1997.

Crystal Healing Certificates will be issued for each of the three levels to students who qualify.

The find out more and the next available course, click on the Course Dates link in the side bar.

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