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Create Healing Jewelry Courses

Personal Crystal Healing Talismans

Featuring Gem Weave Artist and Crystal Healing Arts Facilitator: Margherita

Learn how to design and craft your Personal Crystal Healing Talisman and Crystal Healing Mandala Talisman Necklace from Gemstones and Beads. Let the Magic Happen with Wire!

Margherita will share her intuitive process behind selecting the appropriate stones and  shapes that assists healing, as well as healing jewelry techniques to set, bead and gem weave your project. Open up the sacred room to your creativity! Participants will take home their own designed Personal Crystal Healing Talisman Pendant and as well as a Crystal Healing Mandala Talisman Necklace, which is a truly transformational tool for healing. Fee includes detailed manual. Bring your own gem treasures and personal items you’d like to include. Additional Wire, Gems and Tools needed will be available for purchase.

Course hours:  usually 10 am -4.30 pm but be sure to check details on individual course .

Course Dates and Fees: see  ‘course dates’  link in the side bar!

Tools: Can be provided for additional fee (includes three quality pliers).

8 Responses to "Create Healing Jewelry Courses"

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I was wondering when you might be teaching your level 1 course again, which includes the creation of a crystal talisman. I’m in The Don Mills & Sheppard area of Toronto, and unfortunately missed you course at the Rising Sun.

Hi Jennifer, the next Crystal Healing Course is coming up is last weekend in May + first weekend in June, see the details by clicking on the course in the sidebar. Looking forward to perhaps see you there.

Blessings, Margherita

I want to register for the course, but can not figure out how to do it and when/where to pay for it
Also I have my own tools, can you advise exactly what we need
Thank you

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Hi Margherita, it was such a pleasure meeting you today in Brampton at your book signing, I would love to take this course – would you consider this in Brampton at some point?

Thanks so much


Dear Wendy, thanks for attending the book signing event. Yes, I have had many courses including “Crystal Healing” (5-day course) and “Create Healing Jewelry” (2-day course) at the Breakthrough Centre in Brampton. You can speed up the process by requesting the course you like directly to Sue or Lianne in the store. I have the greatest respect for them and the work they do as a meeting point and support nexus for people in the Brampton area. I will be happy to be there again in the new year. My Blessings/ Margherita

Dear Wendy, we have upcoming options for a course in Brampton in September. I’ll post new dates under the link: course dates in the side panel.

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