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Course Curriculum

The Crystal Lotus – Healing Course Curriculum

Hours indicate total time of course lectures, healing sessions and case studies.

Crystal Healing Certificate Courses

  • Beginning Crystal Healing Course, 5 days (50 hours)
  • Intermediate Crystal Healing Course, 3-day Immersion (70 hours)
  • Advanced Crystal Healing Course, 5 days Immersion Retreat (100 hours)

Crystal Jewelry Courses

  • Create Healing Jewelry, 2 day 16 hours
  • Crystal Talisman Practitioner Certificate,  3-days (60 hours) – NEW!

Crystal Modalities Courses

  • Crystal Sphere Massage – 2 days (34 hours) – NEW!
  • Gem Elixirs, Gem Alchemist Certificate, 2 days (150 hours)
  • Crystal Orb Making- 2 days (30 hours), formerly The Genesa® Crystal Project

Talisman made by Create Healing Jewelry Student.

Crystal Interest Courses

  • Crystal Divination and Tarot – NEW – 1 day (5 hours)
  • Crystal Pendulum Making 1 day (5 hours)
  • Crystal Malas, 1 day (5 hours)
  • Crystal Sphere Scrying 1 day (5 hours)
  • Crystal Healing Wands 2 days (10 hours)

Crystal Yoga Studies

  • The Crystal Moon Mandala
  • The Crystal Mesa Series

Contact us if you are interested in any of these courses  email:

4 Responses to "Course Curriculum"

I am a Reiki practitioner and am looking to take a crystal healing course for my healing practice as well as making jewelry. Can you please give me more information about your course.


Dear Robyn, thank you for your interest in crystal healing. You might look at my website: for more details about coming events, or email me at, I do courses regularly in Ontario. Blessings Margherita

Your blog is wonderful.
The practitioner course that you offer has caught my attention.
Please send course outline and let me know if there is a prerequisite.
Bit about me:
Ever since I was little I have had a connection with stones
Started working with crystals in the 80`s.
I have been given messages for people through them and sometimes after exposure to images and literature about crystals I receive personal messages in my dreams.
Would like to learn more and move into crystal practice/therapy.
If you have recommendations on other courses or literature I would be most appreciative.
Thank you.

Hi Maureen, a few other people have asked about the Crystal Talisman Practitioner Course as well. The next beginning course ‘Discover your Inner Gems- Create Healing Jewelry is at the Rising Sun, Richmond Hill, on June 10-11, 2011. We’ll have a new date for the Advanced Crystal Talisman course in this series coming up at the end of summer.

The foundation courses in “Crystal Healing” includes 3 courses and I have a beginning Crystal Healing Course on 27-29/5 + 3-5/6 it is a two weekend course. Both series of courses includes case studies and assignments.

If you are seriously interested in providing Crystal Healing, my advice is to take the Crystal Healing Courses first.
If you enjoy making Healing Jewellery as a service for others by all means start with that.
As far a s literature: we have The Crystal Lotus Handbook as the main text for most courses. For Crystal Healing we require in addition Crystal Healing, and Crystalline Transmission by Katrina Raphaell (for beginning level).

Hope this answers your question. You can view current courses and details on this link:
Blessings, Margherita

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