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Flowers are Nature in the top of Happiness and Joyfulness! I took this photo in early June! I love the flowers! Are you happy and joyful?

If you don’t then there is stress, in your subconscious mind. I have experienced fear of an operation. As I went to the doctor to have a remiss to have this operation. When I went home and tried to sleep, my fear came up and I couldn’t sleep! Then I realized that I had that fear. So, then I sat up in my bed, and thought: I have a fear, and I can remove it!

So, I removed that fear! What happened was I also removed 80 percent of my pain, in a few seconds. And, I was amazed that my hip-operation was so easy! I am grateful and happy! If you have pain somewhere in your body and have fear you can remove most of the pain in your body!

The flowers picked me up, too! And, I meditated and did exercises in the night! I loved it!


Margherita Crystal Lotus


Dear Readers here is another GemCodes Meditation that is about Joy and Love… See below the video, how to meditate to be more filled with Joy!

grounding tree

Grounded Joy – GemCodes Meditation


#1 Be ready to Change your mind!

#2 Start the Video and see the Cross: four Tangerine Quartz, which is a symbol for your physical realm. The color Orange is related to your Sacral Chakra about Emotion, and the five Clear Quartz Crystals is about the 5 Elements:  Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space. In the middle is the grounding pole that you can use to ground yourself.

#3 Let the Music flow through your body and feel the energy flow going down, to ground you, and then go up to feel Joy!


Margherita Crystal Lotus

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Dear Readers, read this because everyone has emotional issues. Watch the video which has a piece of music that helps you get rid of the emotional problem.

Healing Meditation

The Photo of this Meditation is a Crystal GemCode for your Heart that I created. So look at it and see if you can go into your Heart.


#1 Look at the Heart GemCode, as you listen to the music.

#2 Feel your Emotions flowing through your Heart. It can be any emotion like anger, sadness, or grief. Let go of them and convert them into Love, Joy, and Peace.

#3 If your issues still are there. Repeat it if you like!


Practice is essential for helping your mind

If you want to know more, read this: Create a practice that you can do every day! It helps you to get to know how to handle your mind, it is like when you drink Coffee in the morning every day! For example: Listen and See the video every day for a week, or longer.

Habits are really good if you want to train your brain and heart to connect with each other. If you do, you are in charge of your mind, and your emotions.


Margherita Crystal Lotus

Email me if you have personal questions:




How to Channel Healing Stone Wisdom & three ways of Ascertaining the Truth!


I ended the last message about Heulandite with a passage of Shakespeare. It mentioned ‘sermons in stone’ and the ‘toad of adversity’ having a ‘jewel’ in his head. We too have a jewel in our head. Within the pineal and the pituitary glands that govern our physical and spiritual life, are certain bio crystals. We can activate them with the practice of listening. Channeling is simply listening to other dimensions. How is it done?

Firstly set an intention to listen to the song of life around us, listen to the birds sing, and the wind in the treetops. Meditation in nature is a wonderful teacher, find an undisturbed place to be still and listen; you may notice this as a constant song of life. After a while just relaxing, you might discover your own heart beating as well. Feelings of wellbeing can well up inside. If you may have difficult situations to deal with, the time in Nature may help you to find renewed peace.

Secondly, include an intention to know more about your life. Tune in with what is present inside, that part of you that is not just the physical or the mental emotional being you think you are, but your inner divine connection. I see it as a lifeline to our own divine source. You may notice among all the impulses that may inhabit your mind there is one that supersedes all others. That voice fills you with total trust, the sweetest love and recognition, listen to it. That part of you will help and guide you. Some call this your guardian angel.

Thirdly we may pay attention to what crystals gift us with. ‘Sermons in stone’, are simply the energetic vibration, a message that only that material has. This message translated into human terms may help us to restore our own divine signature which we have lost and forgotten. All in the universe is connected with its creation. If we do not vibrate health and alignment to that source, we become ill in several ways: physical mental or emotional. When our life source is forgotten, we kill, exploit and destroy our very life support. The molecular structure of a crystal in itself sing to the divine frequency. The Heulandite helped me in that way by its vibration. It may seem like a miracle, but all living beings even stones could be seen as alive in a sense. Not in the same way as a plant or another person, but in their own dimension. Crystals exist in what Barbara Hand Clow calls the first dimension. We are alive and conscious mostly in the third dimension. Stones and crystals are the masters of the first dimension. Healthful communication can exist between dimensions if we listen with discernment.

So how do we know for sure what is the truth? You will know if it inspires you to:

1)     Feel uplifted and centered by the experience, and have strong supporting feelings of knowing more about yourself and your purpose

2)      Take responsibility for your life and do something to help others.

3)      Let go of the past and stay in the present moment. Then you are available to experience what truly is going on, and you can choose instead of reacting helplessly to what is happening to you.

Investigate this for yourselves.

Many Blessings,


PS. I appreciate any feedback, just type in your question or comment below.

We live in changing times and circumstances, which increases the need for healing. I want to share a few things that can help you in your transitions!

Do you have this vision about an ideal life, like in the fairy tale, where you can live in happy bliss. To tell you the truth – No such Margherita Crystal Lotus 0080 cr webplace exists except in your dreams. But don’t go away just yet…

There are some truths to dreams, in fact they indicate some valuable lessons. When you see your dreams this way, and start to peel off some baggage, you will see their value. Yes, we all have baggage. I have personally worked on this since becoming aware of it in 1997. My experience was sudden, and shocking. Before that time, I had many illusions that I had to discard, and that is painful to those of us with prominent egos… myself included.

Why updating your Spiritual Mission?

The new energies surrounding our earth are pushing up everything which is misaligned! Even your own ideas about what kind of spiritual mission you are on. The only thing to remain is the truth! And what is that you may ask?

When you discover that there is no separation between you and your source or you and another person, you are getting closer to realize the real thing. And the mission for all of us is basically to discover this. But the road, the journey to do this is different. Never before has there been so many theories and methods for self improvement as now. In your case, whatever road you have to take to come to this realization its yours. But, did you take the longer than necessary road, or a path that is too difficult for you to manage? This is where the update is necessary!

How to update your reason for living an abundant and happy life

There are many steps to do this, but in essence there is only 3 steps:

  1. Discover where you are misaligned
  2. Intend to be aligned with your heart
  3. Act towards the things that brings you closer to your center

Margherita Crystal LotusYou could probably come up with 19 more steps to get there, but I propose the more essential it is, the easier it is to understand and act on. Learn more about this process in my free video training: Manifest your Intentions.

I have used many crystals to help me discover my path. I use them to light up the path in front of me (I mean this in a literal sense). Meditating with a crystal opens me up inside, and when there is a small opening there is a path to follow. The crystal light is not outside of me, but inside. It is about getting clarity on how things work, and then you can apply that in your life. This is healing, when the misaligned becomes aligned, and when the wound heals, the pain disappears. The lesson is learned and you can move on and beyond any past problems. Then you can teach others, and help them also to heal and finding their center.

Many Blessings, Margherita

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 2,200 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 4 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

The chakra world tree as seen in a painted expression.

Chakra World Tree of Chakra University on Facebook

Learn about new community Facebook page called Chakra University. It creates a wonderful opportunity for sharing your knowledge and skill about subtle energy and chakras. Also you might pick up some tidbits of wisdom to share with others. Here you can have some fun learning more about energy, and our energy body and chakras. Of course chakras are important in healing and crystal healing, which is my favorite topic area!

Read a bit more here, or head over to like: Chakra University

Why is knowledge about chakras important?

“If we pay attention to our subtle energy and the movement of our thought, we become cognizant of the immense power we have and the results of the choices we make.” –  Crystal Dakini

The result is that we can manage ourselves better to overcome stress, illness, accidents and make healthier choices. Learning about the physical body is kind of easier, but still many just ask others to tell them how they actually are feeling. If you like to communicate something in a letter, you must at least have rudimentary knowledge about the art of writing. Artists communicate with images and must know the basics about putting shapes and colors on a medium like a canvas.  Does this make sense.

Now to live long and healthy we could learn from this example and approach the basics of how our own energy are affected. We handle our energy through our chakras, and if we have chakra balance we also have balance on the physical level.

Discover yourself through a healing community like Chakra University?

You can discover the solutions to your challenges and stumble blocks by reading and learning more about your own subtle anatomy. It is ultimately up to you to develop your energy connections as friendships and harmonious family groups that will support you in a time of difficulty. You can also develop relations to create your own network of people you take and give support to.

“Everything in our life, and life experience is governed by how we manage our energy.” Crystal Dakini

I tell you now that the Chakra University is not another cult, religion, or affiliate program, and will not venture to the political arena. Instead it aims to offer the knowledge base to become a seer, a knower of things that helps you and your relations be happier, healthier, and wiser. As a participant you may share what you know and offer! But spam will be removed. To apply by email for your feature profile page visit this page: Feature profile

There are three major reasons for being part of Chakra University:

  • You learn more about yourself and your own power, and ask questions about subtle energy and chakras
  • You can network with like-minded friends and possible clients or partners
  • You contribute to an increased knowledge base that ultimately benefit yourself and others

The clear intention for Chakra University Community is first of all healing!

And with healing we mean the repair and maintenance of our own life-force energy and choices. It is up to you to choose this, and no one else. If you are a person of integrity and an honest person do like Chakra University and recommend others to join! Go to: Chakra University

Scolecite Friendship Crystal, and another gift: a Kuan Yin altar.

My friend and I are sharing the two parts of this crystal Scolecite. Here is my piece. When you have a crystal that falls apart in two pieces you can use it to show your appreciation for your friend he or she may not know about crystals and crystal meditation, but when we want to develop deep friendships you might take help of two Friendship Crystals.

The beauty of crystals can win almost anyone’s heart, just for the beauty alone. Keeping your heart joyful may not be easy as often we hold our pain in our heart, but small gestures and crystal gifts may bridge perceived difficulties. Genuine generosity is always appreciated, even in this fast pace world of internet and mundane concerns.

I want to thank both of my friends for their kind gifts.


Scolecite is an Indian crystal associated with the mineral family called Zeolites. They grow intermittent together depending on surrounding nutrient solutions during their formation. Scolecite in healing is mostly known to instill joy and peace of mind. It is an ideal stone to give a dear friend as a gift. It was crystal pioneer and author JaneAnn Dow who first acknowledged Scolecite as a prominent healing stone.

You can distinguish Scolecite by its radiating rays of white crystals much like a stack of tubes arranged nicely together. Sometimes they grow together, but you can still recognize the rays coming out from a center point. In this image another mineral possibly tiny tan calcite crystals are growing to the left.

Scolecite in Healing

When you use Scolecite in healing, you might find bursts of joy coming out. Similar to feeling so joyful that you couldn’t keep yourself from laughing or at least smiling.  Can never be overdosed.

When to Use Scolecite

Use Scolecite for those times you feel down and under. A Scolecite gem water, is helpful to use together with crystal healing sessions or other therapy for emotional ailments and depression.

Private Contemplation with Scolecite

In your private spiritual practice, add Scolecite to the crystals you place on your altar as a focal point. Precious compassion and your sense of care for other people’s well-being may be a result of your practice with Scolecite crystals.

This is a message from my friend Julei who created an amazing Gem Elixir, see details at the end of the message. It is also an invitation to a labyrinth walk on May 3, 2011 in Toronto. Join if you like!

Crystal Mandala Layout for Gem Elixir

Welcome back! The earth seems to finally leaving winter snows behind so we can exit our hibernations. Hope this finds each of you surrounded by Love and Light.

First, Isabel and I want to express what a pleasure it has been for the past few years to share these gatherings with all of you. The accumulated teachings revealed and energized by the spectrum of understandings and histories each of you brings have been inspiring to say the least. We are grateful to all beings who participated. Each event has been perfect in its actualization. Way back when Isabel and I started this journey together, it was because it “felt right” to do so. That feeling has only been deepened and reinforced since. We enjoy tremendous satisfaction and nourishment from being surrounded by such an incredible network of conscious, awakened beings. Thank you all!

Across the world we are seeing the “communal heart” and “global consciousness” communicating the many ways to overcome ignorance, greed and ego’s illusions of separateness. The mediums are now the internet – YouTube – global cellular networks — GPS locators. These are the “Aquarian age technologies” predicted long ago to enable a “instantaneous, psychic connectivity of humans”. Those who brought that message may not have understood exactly what form that would take, but here it is! So what are we becoming aware of with these technologies? It is easy to be overwhelmed trying to ‘make sense’ of it all. Please keep your focus on revealing, naming and transforming all corrupted uses of power, resources and living energy. There is a lot of “spring cleaning” and redistribution of resources to provide for and uplift as many sentient beings as possible. As always, all “work” begins first and foremost with what we are each willing to do and be accountable for on a personal scale. What does that look like for you?

2011’s theme is “Nourishing the Soul Garden: Planting the New Paradigm”

2011 began with a very different quality of energy and message. In its roots is the reminder that we are always immersed in the richness of our innate wisdoms and at every moment have the potential to reawaken that. How does your garden grow? What deeply nourishes you and opens you to embodying the divine and sacred as you experience that?

This year can be:
~ a time for reflection and gratitude on what has been achieved on every level of your soul.
~ a time to deeply recognize that which is ending/closing/leaving/completing and finding ways to embody that in serenity and peace.
~ a time to acknowledge how you are choosing to take your power as a conscious spiritual being and making that so in every moment.
~ a time to walk beside others to honour their unique paths in unity, gratitude and respect for all the ways there are to be.
~ a time to explore spring cleansing at all the levels you are working to prepare your personal “garden” for the next growing season.

The essence of the 2011 message is that you already have access to the optimal tools, experiences, teachings and resources to evolve in alignment with your soul purpose
.   Yes! Really!  No need to rush around searching for something different, the right teacher, the right paradigm, the right place. Review what you have already gathered in your tool kit and relax — those tools work. In fact, all tools work if you let them. That is why there is so many paths up that mountain. Feelings of restlessness and urgency now may be about taking the work to the next level. Give yourself the gift of taking it deeper HERE and NOW.

Through the gate of the May New Moon, in tune with the uprising energies of spring and the awakening rejuvenation of our earthly bodies, we invite all those who want to co-create this gathering to walk the High Park Labyrinth on May 3, 2011. We will be onsite between 5:30 and 7:30 pm – come walk amongst the gift and grace of common purpose. This is a “non-denominational” gathering so bring your own tools, your own nourishment and gather as equals.

In honouring the new energies, please choose to participate or not based on the following guidelines. We each take responsibility to:  
~*~ gather when and where the converging energies promote healing and balance

      ~*~ create a safe, respectful and compassionate container for the diversity of participants and belief systems
~*~ witness without judgment the experiences of yourself and others
~*~ honour circle work and each participant’s choice to reflect, share or be in silence in their turn
~*~ leave any place we gather at in more harmony and beauty than when we arrived
~*~ co-create for the highest benefit of all sentient beings

As always, we recognize there are many ways to celebrate and walk the spiritual path. Honour what calls you. Find your bliss and move it, move it!

Peace to all,
Julei and Isabel

I am particularly excited about the message that came through this past winter’s solar and lunar eclipses and planetary alignments to the galactic center. I am grateful to all who helped manifest the message as a Crystal Mandala with its corresponding Gem Elixir. Photos of that two month process will be posted soon — it has been percolating pending completion of the winter snows! The potentized elixir, guidelines for its use and a copy of the crystal message statement will be available for $20 from Julei. Please email me at if you are interested.


I look forward to promoting and supporting the diversity of events many of you continue to generate. Please let me know what you are doing and whether you wanted the word spread.


~ Please forward and share this email with respect for us all ~
~ If you received this and do not resonate, simply delete and release the energy back to the universe ~


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