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The Crystal Lotus Tarot

22 Archetypal Arcana Cards and Guide

The Crystal Lotus Tarot

Spirit Photo of Margherita by

The exquisite crystal images from The Crystal Lotus Handbook are presented as a separate Card and Guide Pack to assist your healing journey.

This limited edition gift pack by Margherita reflects Crystals as a new form of ART. It is a way to find answers to questions about ourselves and the life we create. Each card holds empowered intentions and crystals to deal with the external world and challenges which we are affected by.

Includes a 16-page Guide describes each image, the crystals included and advice to guide you. Your deck comes shrink wrapped, ready for your personal bag.

Enjoy daily crystal meditations for prosperity, peace and conscious living!

– O –

Recommended retail price: $24.95. To acquire your own deck, email us at

or visit the following stores in Toronto:

Origo Books

The Rising Sun

Odyssey Books & Gifts

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[…] I am must make a decision, or have a question about my life. I can use the ”The Crystal Lotus Tarot” to clarify my options. By meditating with the card I pick, I give myself an energetic boost […]

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