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Lovely Flowers!

Posted on: July 11, 2019


Flowers are Nature in the top of Happiness and Joyfulness! I took this photo in early June! I love the flowers! Are you happy and joyful?

If you don’t then there is stress, in your subconscious mind. I have experienced fear of an operation. As I went to the doctor to have a remiss to have this operation. When I went home and tried to sleep, my fear came up and I couldn’t sleep! Then I realized that I had that fear. So, then I sat up in my bed, and thought: I have a fear, and I can remove it!

So, I removed that fear! What happened was I also removed 80 percent of my pain, in a few seconds. And, I was amazed that my hip-operation was so easy! I am grateful and happy! If you have pain somewhere in your body and have fear you can remove most of the pain in your body!

The flowers picked me up, too! And, I meditated and did exercises in the night! I loved it!


Margherita Crystal Lotus


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