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Healing Emotions

Posted on: January 10, 2019

Dear Readers, read this because everyone has emotional issues. Watch the video which has a piece of music that helps you get rid of the emotional problem.

Healing Meditation

The Photo of this Meditation is a Crystal GemCode for your Heart that I created. So look at it and see if you can go into your Heart.


#1 Look at the Heart GemCode, as you listen to the music.

#2 Feel your Emotions flowing through your Heart. It can be any emotion like anger, sadness, or grief. Let go of them and convert them into Love, Joy, and Peace.

#3 If your issues still are there. Repeat it if you like!


Practice is essential for helping your mind

If you want to know more, read this: Create a practice that you can do every day! It helps you to get to know how to handle your mind, it is like when you drink Coffee in the morning every day! For example: Listen and See the video every day for a week, or longer.

Habits are really good if you want to train your brain and heart to connect with each other. If you do, you are in charge of your mind, and your emotions.


Margherita Crystal Lotus

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4 Responses to "Healing Emotions"

Amazing in that i thought it was to many musical instruments being played at the same time to focus but on the contrary, i think it enhanced my ability to do so.

Thanks for coming Todd!


Dear Dolores, Thanks for your comment!

Very nice music for the meditation. It made it easy to focus my attention.

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