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Posted on: January 6, 2019

How to Channel Healing Stone Wisdom & three ways of Ascertaining the Truth!


I ended the last message about Heulandite with a passage of Shakespeare. It mentioned ‘sermons in stone’ and the ‘toad of adversity’ having a ‘jewel’ in his head. We too have a jewel in our head. Within the pineal and the pituitary glands that govern our physical and spiritual life, are certain bio crystals. We can activate them with the practice of listening. Channeling is simply listening to other dimensions. How is it done?

Firstly set an intention to listen to the song of life around us, listen to the birds sing, and the wind in the treetops. Meditation in nature is a wonderful teacher, find an undisturbed place to be still and listen; you may notice this as a constant song of life. After a while just relaxing, you might discover your own heart beating as well. Feelings of wellbeing can well up inside. If you may have difficult situations to deal with, the time in Nature may help you to find renewed peace.

Secondly, include an intention to know more about your life. Tune in with what is present inside, that part of you that is not just the physical or the mental emotional being you think you are, but your inner divine connection. I see it as a lifeline to our own divine source. You may notice among all the impulses that may inhabit your mind there is one that supersedes all others. That voice fills you with total trust, the sweetest love and recognition, listen to it. That part of you will help and guide you. Some call this your guardian angel.

Thirdly we may pay attention to what crystals gift us with. ‘Sermons in stone’, are simply the energetic vibration, a message that only that material has. This message translated into human terms may help us to restore our own divine signature which we have lost and forgotten. All in the universe is connected with its creation. If we do not vibrate health and alignment to that source, we become ill in several ways: physical mental or emotional. When our life source is forgotten, we kill, exploit and destroy our very life support. The molecular structure of a crystal in itself sing to the divine frequency. The Heulandite helped me in that way by its vibration. It may seem like a miracle, but all living beings even stones could be seen as alive in a sense. Not in the same way as a plant or another person, but in their own dimension. Crystals exist in what Barbara Hand Clow calls the first dimension. We are alive and conscious mostly in the third dimension. Stones and crystals are the masters of the first dimension. Healthful communication can exist between dimensions if we listen with discernment.

So how do we know for sure what is the truth? You will know if it inspires you to:

1)     Feel uplifted and centered by the experience, and have strong supporting feelings of knowing more about yourself and your purpose

2)      Take responsibility for your life and do something to help others.

3)      Let go of the past and stay in the present moment. Then you are available to experience what truly is going on, and you can choose instead of reacting helplessly to what is happening to you.

Investigate this for yourselves.

Many Blessings,


PS. I appreciate any feedback, just type in your question or comment below.

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