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How to change your life and update your spiritual mission

Posted on: February 23, 2013

We live in changing times and circumstances, which increases the need for healing. I want to share a few things that can help you in your transitions!

Do you have this vision about an ideal life, like in the fairy tale, where you can live in happy bliss. To tell you the truth – No such Margherita Crystal Lotus 0080 cr webplace exists except in your dreams. But don’t go away just yet…

There are some truths to dreams, in fact they indicate some valuable lessons. When you see your dreams this way, and start to peel off some baggage, you will see their value. Yes, we all have baggage. I have personally worked on this since becoming aware of it in 1997. My experience was sudden, and shocking. Before that time, I had many illusions that I had to discard, and that is painful to those of us with prominent egos… myself included.

Why updating your Spiritual Mission?

The new energies surrounding our earth are pushing up everything which is misaligned! Even your own ideas about what kind of spiritual mission you are on. The only thing to remain is the truth! And what is that you may ask?

When you discover that there is no separation between you and your source or you and another person, you are getting closer to realize the real thing. And the mission for all of us is basically to discover this. But the road, the journey to do this is different. Never before has there been so many theories and methods for self improvement as now. In your case, whatever road you have to take to come to this realization its yours. But, did you take the longer than necessary road, or a path that is too difficult for you to manage? This is where the update is necessary!

How to update your reason for living an abundant and happy life

There are many steps to do this, but in essence there is only 3 steps:

  1. Discover where you are misaligned
  2. Intend to be aligned with your heart
  3. Act towards the things that brings you closer to your center

Margherita Crystal LotusYou could probably come up with 19 more steps to get there, but I propose the more essential it is, the easier it is to understand and act on. Learn more about this process in my free video training: Manifest your Intentions.

I have used many crystals to help me discover my path. I use them to light up the path in front of me (I mean this in a literal sense). Meditating with a crystal opens me up inside, and when there is a small opening there is a path to follow. The crystal light is not outside of me, but inside. It is about getting clarity on how things work, and then you can apply that in your life. This is healing, when the misaligned becomes aligned, and when the wound heals, the pain disappears. The lesson is learned and you can move on and beyond any past problems. Then you can teach others, and help them also to heal and finding their center.

Many Blessings, Margherita

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