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Posted on: February 29, 2012

The chakra world tree as seen in a painted expression.

Chakra World Tree of Chakra University on Facebook

Learn about new community Facebook page called Chakra University. It creates a wonderful opportunity for sharing your knowledge and skill about subtle energy and chakras. Also you might pick up some tidbits of wisdom to share with others. Here you can have some fun learning more about energy, and our energy body and chakras. Of course chakras are important in healing and crystal healing, which is my favorite topic area!

Read a bit more here, or head over to like: Chakra University

Why is knowledge about chakras important?

“If we pay attention to our subtle energy and the movement of our thought, we become cognizant of the immense power we have and the results of the choices we make.” –  Crystal Dakini

The result is that we can manage ourselves better to overcome stress, illness, accidents and make healthier choices. Learning about the physical body is kind of easier, but still many just ask others to tell them how they actually are feeling. If you like to communicate something in a letter, you must at least have rudimentary knowledge about the art of writing. Artists communicate with images and must know the basics about putting shapes and colors on a medium like a canvas.  Does this make sense.

Now to live long and healthy we could learn from this example and approach the basics of how our own energy are affected. We handle our energy through our chakras, and if we have chakra balance we also have balance on the physical level.

Discover yourself through a healing community like Chakra University?

You can discover the solutions to your challenges and stumble blocks by reading and learning more about your own subtle anatomy. It is ultimately up to you to develop your energy connections as friendships and harmonious family groups that will support you in a time of difficulty. You can also develop relations to create your own network of people you take and give support to.

“Everything in our life, and life experience is governed by how we manage our energy.” Crystal Dakini

I tell you now that the Chakra University is not another cult, religion, or affiliate program, and will not venture to the political arena. Instead it aims to offer the knowledge base to become a seer, a knower of things that helps you and your relations be happier, healthier, and wiser. As a participant you may share what you know and offer! But spam will be removed. To apply by email for your feature profile page visit this page: Feature profile

There are three major reasons for being part of Chakra University:

  • You learn more about yourself and your own power, and ask questions about subtle energy and chakras
  • You can network with like-minded friends and possible clients or partners
  • You contribute to an increased knowledge base that ultimately benefit yourself and others

The clear intention for Chakra University Community is first of all healing!

And with healing we mean the repair and maintenance of our own life-force energy and choices. It is up to you to choose this, and no one else. If you are a person of integrity and an honest person do like Chakra University and recommend others to join! Go to: Chakra University

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