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Heartfelt experience with Healing Jewelry

Posted on: June 11, 2011

Dear friends, I am happy to introduce a dear friend: Mary and her testimonial from the Create Healing Jewelry Course Margherita

“I have long been fascinated by sparkly things and when I discovered that these same jewels that make my eyes sing and my breath catch, also had distinct healing energy vibration, I definitely needed to know more.

During the past ten years, I have incorporated crystals into my life and my natural healing practice with the most outstanding results.

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a two day workshop with Margherita, Gem-Weave Artist and Crystal Healing Arts Facilitator, who I have long admired for her intuitive work with healing crystals.

Although it was hosted in Hamilton, the travel seemed a small price to pay for learning more about wiring unusual shapes and sizes of stones and at the same time, work with like-minded people exchanging ideas and experiences with crystal energy.

Margherita welcomed me as if I were long lost family (we had only a brief exchange a few months ago) and ushered me into the studio to meet the other six members of the clan. It was an amazing art studio filled with colour and light next to the water.  We were an interesting mix.

We were provided with a package of materials; a tray, which was an attempt to corral our bits, pieces of beads and crystals, a small book and an informative brochure from which we were introduced to Margherita’s own approach to crystals and their healing properties.

Our first assignment was to write in the little book provided, “I give up that it has to be perfect.”  Hmmm.  She certainly knew where we lived.

We were an enthusiastic bunch, as was Margherita.  We chose from a basket of rock crystals that spoke to us and went right to work.  Snip, snip, twist, twist.  It was all so exciting.  She kept a careful eye on our interpretations of her explanations and within a short period of time, we each had completed our first piece.  Not surprisingly, no two were alike.  Each piece of creativity was applauded and her encouragement was appreciated.

As we continued to accessorize our rock crystal with other small chips, bit and pieces, Margherita talked about some of the different properties of the stones and how they related.  Rocks indicating release of “emotional hooks”, “emotional eating”, and “fear of finances” caught my ear, as we continued to learn another way to encapsulate a willing crystal and attach it to a knot.

Our workshop project was to create a healing mandala or talisman which could be worn around the neck, as prayer guide to represent our journey into the future and what we wished to achieve. As we began to learn what a mandala is or what it represents, our real purpose for being there became clear.  It was so much more than we anticipated.

At 1:30 we stopped what we were doing as it was the Equinox of 2010 and in celebration of this event, Margherita began to play her ceremonial drum and sing.  It was a bit jarring for me, but in the spirit of the moment, I tried to embrace the experience.

After some discussion, Margherita began to introduce us to her “Heart Chart” and how, where we are now in our lives and what we think, relates to every chakra or energy center of the body.  Again, it was a bit overwhelming to sit and dig deep, trying to discover how to create a positive out of what seemed so negative, but at the same time enlightening.

With each Chakra, Margherita taught us how to discern the areas of our lives that could be enhanced with a seemingly simple process.

Before we knew it, we began once again to attempt to learn another method of wrapping a crystal.  While still struggling to grasp the Heart Chart information that had just been shared with us, each of us had a different reaction.  The young women next to me easily grasp the technique of creating a basket for her crystal, while across the table a woman sat weeping unable to move beyond the first step.  Another woman left the table enveloped by the energy of a sacred tableau she was creating.  I just sat, looking at the wire, not even able to know where to begin.  I wasn’t distressed, just aware that there was so much more involved than met the eye.  I would wait until another time to wrap my mind around this.

With warmth and grace, Margherita, moved around the room, comforting and assisting where she could.  It was the end of day one.  We were sent away with homework which would help us begin to create our own Heart Chart.  I was exhausted.

Day two found me full of questions.  We were to begin to create our own mandala or talisman and obviously wanted to make the most of the day.  The Heart Chart loomed large our minds.   Few felt confident to ask the questions that would leave them exposed and vulnerable.

At the head of the table, Margherita propped up her Heart Chart diagram and asked how our homework had gone and if we had any questions.  The day before, she had said something regarding “emotional hooks” which had resonated with me during the night and was foremost in my mind.  Could this be what I was feeling?

I heard my voice asking her how to deal with this situation.  Yipes!  I would be found out.  Yes, there was someone in my life that I felt had a negative attachment to me which was having a major impact on my self-esteem.  Was there something I could do, a crystal that would help protect me while dissolving or removing this feeling of negativity that I seemed to be carrying?

Margherita asked that I visualize the cord that connected me to the other individual.   Raising her arms above her head, she asked me to visualize an angel in her place with the largest, most beautiful wings imaginable, holding a sword.  Upon my command, the sword would be lowered, cutting the connection.  I held my breath and quietly said, “Now.”

Her blood curdling scream pierced the air, as the sword dramatically sliced through the invisible cord.  The room was deafening quiet.  It was not like something I had ever experienced before.  And yes, it may sound crazy, but I could actually feel a difference.

Margherita then went on to remind us that we always had total control over this sort of thing and that, yes indeed, there were crystals that emanated the kind of energy that were helpful for protection as well.

From there our questions became much more concrete. What was the best stone to use?   What if we made a mistake and chose the wrong crystal?  Why is my talisman looking so different from the others?  Did I do something wrong?  My mind jumped back to beginning of our class.  “I give up that it has to be perfect.”

As we began our quest for creating a meaningful accessory to our lives, colourful shapes and sizes of crystals filled our trays with energy, each with their own sparkling personality.  We all struggled to find the stones that would best speak to us of our journey into the future.  Again, like the women present, no two were alike.

We began to recognize a bond had developed between us, as we supported each other in this endeavour; offering suggestions or sharing of stones and encouragement.

At the end of the day, we gathered by the water recognizing that this had indeed been a spiritual journey which we had only just begun.  A peaceful feeling seemed to resonate amongst us as we made a gesture of sacrifice with things that had come from Johanna’s sacred table.  We offered our thanks to the Universe for the safe place in which to learn and be ourselves, the time together, and of course, for Margherita.”

Written by Mary McCandless,

Usually I have not had the pleasure to experience gifted participants like Mary who is a wonderful healer. Thank you Mary! (See Mary’s website on my blogroll.)

Learn more about Healing Jewelry and  the upcoming Advanced Crystal Talisman Course.

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