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Rose Quartz or Roses, is there a diffrence?

Posted on: May 11, 2010

Rose Quartz is the Self-Love Stone

Well the obvious is that one is a plant and the other is a rock, but what is remarkable with this comparison is that both access the portals to the heart. When I see a rose I first think of its scent which makes me feel wonderful especially if the rose was given by someone I love. Rose Quartz however points me to a mellow feeling that is harder to describe.

How many of you can truly say that you really love yourself? Real Self Love, I propose, is the first step to develop our consciousness, without it we are caught in the  conflicts and dramas that we see in the world daily, which cause endless suffering. How is that so? To really Love is to give up how something is supposed to be, it is to truly accept what is, so when we direct that love to include ourselves we accept who we are without judgment.

Rose Quartz in my experience is a powerful healing tool. I feel that it helps to connect me to my inner child and to the gestation time before birth. Our first beginnings on the earth may seem hostile to many and in healing early traumas, Rose Quartz may help to protect the vulnerable state we were in at that time. By feeling safe and protected in a healing situation, we may dare to approach and find reconciliation of unfortunate events in our early life.

How to work with Rose Quartz? Rose Quartz is Yin Fire, the feminine aspect of the fire element in the Crystal Moon Mandala. Obtain a piece of Rose Quartz and before bed place it on your heart. Think of yourself as being in a bubble of Rose Quartz creating a soft pink field around you. Let that soft but powerful field purify any negative thoughts and emotions you may have about yourself in the same way a loving mother would soothe her baby to sweet sleep. Invite a sense of peace and surrender to your inner guidance. You truly know how to heal, if you listen deeply.

Given a perfect pink rose we may feel acknowledged and loved by another. Rose Quartz on the other hand teaches us to love ourselves, and in that state we would not need outside approval.

Crystal Blessings,


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4 Responses to "Rose Quartz or Roses, is there a diffrence?"

Elestial quartz crystals can be used to assist one in overcoming burdens, to bring the heart and the intellect into synchronicity, and stimulate the actualization of the conscious self. Elestial quartz is one of the “enchanted crystals” and can be used to sustain and maintain a person during changes in their life.

It is very exciting to hear other people’s messages of healing with elestials. I use elestials often in crystal healing sessions. I find the deeper I need to go in the healing, the tools of elestials are required. Enjoy the journey to your center!

Thank you Margherita for this lovely post. I don’t know if you are familiar with Byron Katie and her process of inquiry called “the work”, but I have experienced her as a huge piece of Rose Quartz Elestial!
The energy of self-love, rose quartz, becomes the only love possible as there is only me, and my world is simply a projection of my mind. Therefore, the admonition to love my neighbor as myself is what is true… I always have. When I hated me, I hated you, and when I loved me, I loved you. There really is no other!
Rose Quartz is a great stone for Self-Realization and for the experience that there is only One Love. Julie

Hi Julie, thanks for your comment, I agree that Byron Katie is truly a Rose Quartz, and an Elestial. I find her work really going to the core, which is what I feel Elestials does provide as well. In my book ‘The Crystal Lotus Handbook’ I describe several other types of Elestials and how to work with them. I invite anyone to comment on their own experience with Rose Quartz and Elestials, more on them in a new post. Blessings, Margherita

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