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Crystal Beginnings

Posted on: February 26, 2010

Margherita, author of The Crystal Lotus Handbook

Welcome to my  blog, where you may find interesting tidbits about Crystals, and how to use them for your self-discovery journey. I intend to write on popular crystal topics, and if you have questions related to crystals and crystal healing, please let  me know. You might be surprised that a former math student like myself got into a field of healing. It happened by chance one day in 1996. I picked up a stone, and as I held it in my hand and looked at it, I suddenly heard it say: Hey Wake Up! Most unusual I thought. I hadn’t  been  aware of the healing properties of stones and minerals before that event, but from that point on I couldn’t stop my curiosity to find out about it.  I began a challenging healing journey to wake up. I still have  more work to do in that regard, but I am beginning to enjoy it better now. In the meantime crystals have been a smoothing balm, and provided  my livelihood. Enjoy the stories and your own journey with stones and crystals.  Many Blessings, Margherita

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I have often been drawn to flourite. Put a bowl of assorted crystals in front of me and I will usually pick up a piece of flourite, whether I know what it is at the time or not. I find it increadibly soothing and healing and use the green especially when I am in need of healing or expansion in the heart chakra. I have a beautiful pillar (primarily green with a deep purple band running through it) that I bought in Provincetown on Cape Cod. I really believe I heard it say, “I am yours”.

Thanks for starting the blog, Margherita. I am a friend of Tara Brox and look forward to meeting you one day!

Hi Angela, I agree with you that Fluorite is a special stone in many healing situations including the heart. I feel that Fluorite is a good example of an air stone and as such, connected with our heart chakra. We breathe air into our lungs which are located on either side of our heart, and it is considered in yoga philosophy that the element of the heart is air.

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